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135,000+ Crystals - Cookie Run: Kingdom Starter Reroll Account (Hollyberry)

135,000+ Crystals - Cookie Run: Kingdom Starter Reroll Account (Hollyberry)

Server: Hollyberry
Kingdom Level: 3
135,000+ Crystals
125+ Magic Cookie Cutter
170+ Special Cookie Cutter
12,000+ Rainbow Cubes
190+ Treasure Tickets
11-25+ Random Epic Cookies

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Delivery Info

Your account details and login information will be delivered to your e-mail within 24 hours, most of the time within minutes.

Security Guarantee

Accounts created with a dummy e-mail, login via DevPlay. You can bind your own e-mail/socials and change your password, making it 100% yours!


Working on iOS and Android.

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Login via DevPlay

You will be able to change your password and bind your socials, making the account yours.


Plenty of Resources

Our Cookie Run: Kingdom accounts come with plenty of coins, stamina jellies, topping pieces and exp jellies to help give you a headstart in the game.

Fresh Start

Experience Cookie Run: Kingdom fresh from the start, build your cookie kingdom with fresh new cookies!

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