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Based on 3151 reviews
Absolutely amazing

It was 100% worth it! Got everything that was advertised. I’ve used this account for a bit, and so far so good! Absolutely loving it and makes the game a whole lot more enjoyable. I highly recommend this <3


Came just as advertised with everything I could’ve asked for well worth my money. Speedy and clear customer service would recommend to anyone looking for a farmed or starter account for new players so they don’t feel so behind. 10 stars 🌟😁

AMAZING! Delivered faster than PayPal Recipt

Incredibly quick and fast processing!


super quick and super easy! they were also very patient with me which i appreciate :)

So perfect!

I ended up getting the character I wanted and I love the account!

Worth it 10/10

Got the account super fast and it had everything advertised + more.Pulls for Kazuha went well.

The account I've always wanted

This is the most worth it account I had! The customer service was really kind and fast service! Truly recommend. Their service is legitimate!

Quick and Easy!

At first, I didn't know whether or not to trust this site for buying an account. But, surprisingly, after doing some research AND purchasing an account of my own, I would 100% recommend buying from here! Whether it be a custom account, or any account, really, the prices are considerably fair, and I received everything I wanted within 20 minutes of placing my order. ^^
Also, the support is exceptionally helpful, which I appreciate. They helped me with figuring out the details that I needed to login, and overall, I am 10/10 satisfied!


Honestly I thought it was a scam but not at all as you can see, I received the codes just after buying it, really it’s a very good deal 👍🏻👍🏻


I bought the furina/nahida account, The response was fast and they were extremely kind! Thank you so much <3

100% Recommend

I bought the furina/nahida account, The response was fast and they were extremely kind ! Thank you so much

Got my nilou!!

Fun character and i cant wait to play with her even more!

Fast and perfect

Got the acc in like 5 minutes and all was rlly good TY a lot

Thank you!

After having the account for a week, everything is great! Very safe!
For every question they answered immediately and with a lot of patience :) Got the account very quickly and here are everything that I wanted, thank you so much! :D

Got my boi

I am a long time Diluc main that has played since release, but i have never gotten the beauty that is Wolfsgravestone.
As a Diluc main and WGS being my fav weapon in the game, not owning it hurts as much as stepping on a lego piece and losing -24lp in league of legends at the same time.
Even though my main account is pumped, i wanted to experience the beauty of Diluc carrying his signature bonker on his back, and this service granted me this experience. It was a fast delivery within an hour and everything on the account was like mentioned in the details. 10/10, will buy an Account again because i like burning my money for genshin.


Love the account! Got it quickly, plus got Gepard! Would buy from you again.


At first when I check this website I was seriously scared if I get scammed but I got my Navia and her weapon as promised In an instant. And got a neuvillette with my primo gems Totally buying again for my friends birthday as a gift!

Best service

Fast delivery + got what i wanted.. Can't ask for more 10/10.

Better than i expected

I was nervous because it was my first time getting an account, but the process went much faster than I expected and I got my account immediately. But the only problem is that I chose the main character to be a boy, unfortunately it was out of stock and the account for the girl was given. But as a result, I am very happy with everything. There is plenty of primo and wish in my account.

Amazing account

Free c1 mona along with greatly explored map, worth to buy!

From start to finish, truly excellent service.

Thanks for making our dream starter account possible! I purchased two accounts, for me and my brother. choosing from their custom catalog was easy, and their customer support was awesome every step of the way. linking our email and changing passwords went smoothly too! Highly recommended!

Best value for new players!

Impressed by the library of custom accounts, I found exactly what I was looking for.

I recommend it with all my heart <3


Bought Yoimiya and Furina for $16 and I've had the most ridiculous luck on the account. I managed to get c2 Kazuha in 120 pulls and I could not be happier.

worth it

not wanting to wait a year for nahida rerun, this offer is worth it plus you get a lot of resin and mora to build as you like.