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Genshin impact starter account America

I love the account I got I was able to C2 Futuna, C 6 gaming, noelle and Rosario . Mondstat and Liyur have 100% exploration and the other nation. The only con is that they explore with the starter character and their level is around 40. So to farm for your new character is going to be hard since all the enemy is going to be higher rank you probably have to go- op

Raiden + kazuha

REALY GOOD got it imediatly after buying


I have bought many accounts previously, on time for this as expected thank!


I love it so much


I was extremely skeptical about this website, but I thought “hey it’s cheap might aswell”. I was not disappointed! Within minutes of me purchasing, I received the details for my account. I got what I was paying for and I even pulled and got sigewinne + her weapon 😆🙏


Came at a good time and I even got keqing on the limited banner

Genshin account

As soon as I bought the account, details came in almost instantly. It was easy and thank you so much

Always great

I've bought at least 20 accounts from this site and not once have they disappointed me, the customer service is always friendly and willing to help in the rare case that something goes wrong (details don't work or something is out of stock)

absolutely amazing!

i got everything i wanted and the account was insanely lucky! got sigwenne and her weapon

Zenless Zone Zero honest post

First and Foremost I'd like to thank the team for this. Received the details within the day and i'm hyped. A lot to process, however I highly recommend if you want to enjoy this game

Alercchino + weapon received

That's legitimate and true. Of course I'll buy more in future.

its very legit ^_^

it might seem sketchy but its legit

Great! Loved the service

Buying it for the second time.. 100% <3 loved the product.. great service.
thx :)


I was skeptical at first, but it turned out to be legit! Received the account in less than a couple of minutes. Got what I needed and received as described. I get full access to the account as well. Thank you so muchhhhhh!

Great Accounts

Finest accounts out there and so is the customer service, pleasure to buy from this site


Very fast and safe!

Very good

Super fast and great service. Got the lady I wanted💖

Very good!

Came with everything I was expecting and a c1 tighnari :))

Best seller

tysm for the account just like always you do great and on time

Black swan acc

came on time and they have a nice support. Account is as it says and its good.