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Diluc With 5-Star Weapon Wolf's Gravestone - AR10 Genshin Impact Starter Account

Diluc With 5-Star Weapon Wolf's Gravestone - AR10 Genshin Impact Starter Account

Adventure Rank 10
2-8 Random 4 Characters/Weapons
No e-mail/socials linked

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Your account details will be delivered to your e-mail within 24 hours, usually within minutes.

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Accounts created with a HoYoverse username, with no e-mail/phone number linked. You can bind your own e-mail and change your password, making it 100% yours!


Working on iOS, Android, PS4/5, and PC.

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Fresh Start

Start Genshin Impact as a beginner at Adventure Rank 10, but with all the resources, quests, and your favorite characters.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Dao L
Got my boi

I am a long time Diluc main that has played since release, but i have never gotten the beauty that is Wolfsgravestone.
As a Diluc main and WGS being my fav weapon in the game, not owning it hurts as much as stepping on a lego piece and losing -24lp in league of legends at the same time.
Even though my main account is pumped, i wanted to experience the beauty of Diluc carrying his signature bonker on his back, and this service granted me this experience. It was a fast delivery within an hour and everything on the account was like mentioned in the details. 10/10, will buy an Account again because i like burning my money for genshin.

Fatih Erkilic
Better than i expected

I was nervous because it was my first time getting an account, but the process went much faster than I expected and I got my account immediately. But the only problem is that I chose the main character to be a boy, unfortunately it was out of stock and the account for the girl was given. But as a result, I am very happy with everything. There is plenty of primo and wish in my account.

Tsumi K
Got Diluc + BiS and even a free 10 pull

I'm used to this site and it's always been safe to me but this time I got lucky and ended up with 1700 primos worth as a bonus for my little starter :) pretty happy to finally have Diluc and his weap!

Mustafa ElShamy
Got my boy and his BiS <3

not my first purchase, great service as always. Exactly what I asked for.

Nirav Mehta
I got wrong account details

I didn't get perfect item which mentioned in order i need refund or proper login details