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Raiden Shogun With 5-Star Weapon Engulfing Lightning - AR10 Genshin Impact Starter Account

Raiden Shogun With 5-Star Weapon Engulfing Lightning - AR10 Genshin Impact Starter Account

Adventure Rank 10
2-8 Random 4 Characters/Weapons
No e-mail/socials linked

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Your account details will be delivered to your e-mail within 24 hours, usually within minutes.

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Accounts created with a HoYoverse username, with no e-mail/phone number linked. You can bind your own e-mail and change your password, making it 100% yours!


Working on iOS, Android, PS4/5, and PC.

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Fresh Start

Start Genshin Impact as a beginner at Adventure Rank 10, but with all the resources, quests, and your favorite characters.

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Accounts do not have e-mail and socials binded, it will be 100% yours after purchase.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
5/5 would buy again

Hi! This is my first time buying an account! But I will say, this is 100% real! Would recommend buying from this website! Its pretty straightforward just put your card info in and would send the account within 24 hours or instantly!

This was my first time buying from here

I got exactly what I ordered thank you so much!!!

This was my first time buying from here

Thank you so much it arrived with what I wanted and more!

Amazing account with cheap price

thank you so much <3

Alex J.
i thought it was a scam !!!

Hi, guys I just want tl THANK THE F***. YO ALLL
Im freaking out!!
I just bought a starter account for 4 usd just to test and see if it works
Look, i missed all banners for Raiden so far, and this last one I only have like 10 days to farm an get her, however, i am an inactive player
Although i got the game since it came out, i never play because i dont have time.
Well these days my bff told me about the banner and I started saving up, but i knew it i wouldn't have enough time to save for raiden
So i started my research, and found your website.
I reviewed the website a lot and then it looked pretty decent to me, but I still was skeptical, so I decided to sacrifice 4 dollars, just to test it
And ohh booooy it worked
Thank you so much, now I can save enough without worrying i wont get Raiden