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Hutao - AR40+ Genshin Impact Farmed Starter Account

Hutao - AR40+ Genshin Impact Farmed Starter Account

32000-40000+ Primogems
30+ Intertwined Fates
60+ Acquaint Fates
2-12 4★ Characters/Weapons

Adventure Rank 45-50
Sumeru • Inazuma • Fontaine - Unlocked

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Your account details will be delivered to your e-mail within 24 hours, usually within minutes.

Security Guarantee

Accounts created with a HoYoverse username, with no e-mail/phone number linked. You can bind your own e-mail and change your password, making it 100% yours!


Working on iOS, Android, PS4/5, and PC.

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Sumeru • Inazuma • Fontaine - Unlocked

Our AR40+ Genshin Impact Accounts come with maps that are mostly explored, saving you countless hours of exploration.


Maxed Statues

Our AR45+ Farmed Accounts also come with:
Anemo Statue - Lv. 10 Maxed
Geo Statue - Lv. 10 Maxed
Electro Statue - Lv. 10 Maxed
Dendro Statue - Lv. 5-8
Hydro Statue - Lv. 0-4

Genshin Impact Quest Progress for AR40+ Accounts

Quest Progress

Experience some of the Archon Quests again with your brand new account with your favourite characters!

hsr unbinded email and socials

Safe Accounts

Accounts do not have e-mail and socials binded, it will be 100% yours after purchase.

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Hu tao

Very good account!

Josiah Occena
Hutao Farmed

Amazing quality and good luck!


It was a nice deal got some standard 5* and some nice 4* for a quick start everything was there as it was mentioned though U got few more thousand primos

Got what I wanted

The purchase was instant and there wasn't any problems regarding the account. They gave what it said and it came with 2 extra standard 5 stars which were Tighnari and Jean. Ignore the 0 standard wishes picture, I used them all. It was originally 72 when I got it and no, the 72 pulls weren't used to obtain Jean and Tigh.

Although, as the others, there were some difficulties evolving the characters but the exp books and some materials came prepared so the struggle was short.

Lastly, there were a ton of device logins from different platforms which made me a bit suspicious. I'll be sure to update this via YouTube if I encounter an account loss. Otherwise, this is the best $25 I've spent for this game.

Jeremiah Ligon
Thx to genshin accounts I now have C2 furina

It was quick and fast

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