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Zhongli + Neuvillette - AR40+ Genshin Impact Farmed Starter Account

Zhongli + Neuvillette - AR40+ Genshin Impact Farmed Starter Account

Email Unlinked

38000+ Primogems
30+ Intertwined Fates
70+ Acquaint Fates
6-12 4★ Characters/Weapons

Adventure Rank 45-49
Sumeru • Inazuma • Fontaine - Unlocked

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Delivery Info

Your Genshin Impact account details will be emailed to you within minutes after payment.

If there is a delay, it will be sent within 24 hours.

Security Guarantee

No email or phone number linked to the account.
You can bind your own email and change the password.


Compatible with iOS, Android, PS4/5 and PC.

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Sumeru • Inazuma • Fontaine - Unlocked

Our AR45+ Genshin Impact Accounts come with maps that are mostly explored, saving you countless hours of exploration.

Maxed Statues

Our AR45+ Farmed Accounts also come with:
Anemo Statue - Lv. 10 Maxed
Geo Statue - Lv. 10 Maxed
Electro Statue - Lv. 10 Maxed
Dendro Statue - Lv. 9
Hydro Statue - Lv. 9

Quest Progress

Experience the Archon Quests again with your brand new account with your favourite characters!

Safe Accounts

Accounts do not have e-mail and socials binded, it will be 100% yours after purchase.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Angelos Koukis
Worth it 10/10

Got the account super fast and it had everything advertised + more.Pulls for Kazuha went well.

Jazzline Meza
fast and easy

I bought the account and received it within seconds. Trustworthy.

Patrivk Lachapelle
Great service

Ordered the starter pack, was delivered withing 2 mins!

A little let down

The account was quickly delivered, and everything was in order, I just feel a little mislead when it said it was farmed, give that no character was above level 40 and I hardly had the materials to ascend them.

Fernando Ferreira
Zhongli + Neuvillette - AR40+ Genshin Impact Farmed Starter Account

Amazing work. Everything as promissed.
All the wishes, the characters.
100% trustworthy. Would buy again!

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